The first details regarding the upcoming Frost Tour in Mario Kart Tour have emerged today. The game’s official Twitter account has revealed that the new character alt for the Frost Tour will be the adorable Penguin Mario complete with red, blue, white and yellow in his outfit. That’s not all as his chosen kart will be the zany Penguin Slider, which looks like a fun kart to use while navigating the various courses in the Frost Tour.


One response to “Penguin Mario is coming to Mario Kart Tour along with the Penguin Slider”

  1. Mario Kart Tour: The Frost Tour kicks off today – Mario Kart Blog Avatar

    […] a new remixed course in the form of RMX Vanilla Lake 1. The new alternative character is the cute Penguin Mario whose kart comes complete with the Penguin Slider. Good luck to all those who decide to embark on […]


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